Picture Name Weight Attributes Dropped by
Axe Ring 0.9 Provides +4 Axe skills while equipped for 30 minutes Dwarf Soldier, Dwarf Guard, Plaguesmith

Club Ring 0.9 Provides +4 Club skills while equipped for 30 minutes Cyclopes, Kongra, Plaguesmith
Sword Ring 0.9 Provides +4 Sword skills while equipped for 30 minutes Orc Berserker, Orc Leader
Crystal Ring 0.9 Luck? Mummy, Stone Golem
Dwarven Ring 1.1 Prevents Drunkennesswhile equipped Dwarf
Emerald Bangle 1.7 - Vampire
Energy Ring 0.8 Provides mana shieldwhile equipped Dragon, Dragon Lord, Warlock
Golden Ring 1.0 - Demon
Life Ring 0.8 Faster Regeneration Ghoul
Might Ring 1.0 Protection against: Physical, Energy, Poison, Fire +20% Hero, Demon
Power Ring 0.8 Fist Improvement Stone Golem, Dragon, Monk
Ring of Healing 0.8 Faster Regeneration Demon, Hydra
Ring of the Skies 0.4 - Warlock
Stealth Ring 1.0 Makes the user invisiblewhile equipped Ghost, Mummy, Orc Warlord
Time Ring 0.9 Makes the user faster while equipped. Giant Spider, Tarantula
Wedding Ring 0.4 - Hero
Nostlight Ring 0.8 This ring grant light and +20 of speed Store