Name: Taketo
Gender: Male
Level: 165
City: Darkathy
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Position: Player
Last access: 19/09/2020, 22:49:37
Account Status: Premium Account
Status: Offline
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Death List:
Time Informations Blessings
21/07/2020, 23:57:04 Killed at level 154 by The Mindeater AND Bokao Meclife Yes
21/07/2020, 23:13:15 Killed at level 155 by Healer Jay AND Shutupandplay Yes
20/07/2020, 23:16:30 Killed at level 154 by Healer Jay Yes
14/07/2020, 21:11:21 Killed at level 152 by Baculejo AND Glifosato Yes
07/07/2020, 20:17:53 Killed at level 151 by Gba AND Ceruttera Enemy Yes
Kill List: